December 29, 2010

Profiler EventId Lookups

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The SQL Profiler UI displays a description of the Event Class for each event in a trace.  When you save the trace to a table, however, the Event Class value is stored as a number.  If you need the descriptions, just join to the sys.trace_events DMV:

  1. SELECT tt.EventClass
  2.    , EventClass =
  3. FROM PracticeData.dbo.MyTraceTable  tt
  4.   JOIN sys.trace_eventsee
  5.   on tt.EventClass = ee.category_id

The Event Category is available in sys.trace_categories:

  1. SELECT tt.EventClass
  2.    , EventCategory =
  3.    , EventClass =
  4. FROM PracticeData.dbo.MyTraceTable  tt
  5. JOIN sys.trace_events  ee
  6.   on tt.EventClass = ee.category_id
  7. JOIN sys.trace_categories cc
  8.   on ee.category_id = cc.category_id

More information on sys.trace_events and sys.trace_categories can be found in Books Online.


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